The Global Datacube Alliance

A critical mass of superscale Global Earth data providers has teamed up to create the next generation of services for insight on pixels in space and time. The EarthServer Datacube Federation provides access to the single common pixel space the partners jointly erstablish, with an unprecedented volume of 100+ PB.


Datacubes constitute an enabling paradigm for user-friendly, flexible, and scalable handling of massive multi-dimensional arrays, such as spatio-temporal sensor, image (timeseries), simulation, and statistics data. Such datacubes can be sparsely populated (such as in OLAP) or densely populated (such as in satellite imagery and weather forecasts).

Datacube technology has been pioneered by the rasdaman ("raster data manager") array engine which constitutes the worldwide lead in terms of flexibility, scalability, performance, and support for open standards. Key international standards are based on rasdaman as their blueprint:

Ultimately, with dataube tools like the pioneer and leader, rasdaman, "any query, any time, on any size" becomes a Big Data commodity.

imprint; image: Shutterstock