Big Earth Data: The Programming Contest

April 2013. In the context of the ESA BigDataFromSpace Conference [1], the EarthServer initiative [2] is sponsoring a programming contest to establish innovative and surprising applications on multi-dimensional Earth data. The contest is supported by Jacobs University, rasdaman, ESA, and the European Commission [3].

Students worldwide are invited to build apps/clients for Big Earth Data. A variety of large datasets , ranging from 2-D through 4-D, is provided for your perusal.

No need for downloading, though - the rasdaman Array Database System gives versatile, fast query access on massive multi-dimensional raster data based on the OGC Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS) open query standard. Clients compose query strings (typically from graphical user interaction), send them to the server for evaluation, and visualize the results coming back. To ease client development, a versatile Web development toolkit is provided, offering input widgets like sliders and gauges as well as output widges for diagramming, image display, and more.

Any common client platform technology (Android, iOS, HTML5, X3D, ...) is acceptable as long as there is open-source support for it.

Winners will surprise and impress the expert jury with a tremendously ( cool | geeky | useful | novel )+ client/app. The first three winners receive a money award and have the opportunity of presenting their development to a worldwide audience of experts in the "BigDataFromSpace" conference plenary.

A team of geeks is curiously awaiting for your ideas, and is prepared to assist where needed.