OGC Releases Compliance Tests for WCS 2

Bremen, November 2013. The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) announced the new compliance test for the OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS) Interface Standard 2.0.

The OGC Compliance Program provides an online free testing facilityto check for proper implementation of the standards, and a process for certification of products that are compliant with OGC standards.

Once an organization's product has successfully passed a test, the organization can acquire a license to use the “Certified OGC Compliant” mark on web pages and other marketing material. The product is also promoted on the OGC Compliant Products Web page. The OGC invites organizations to start the process of getting their products certified. The Certified OGC Compliant mark increases potential buyers' confidence in a product, making the product easier to market and sell.

The candidate for Reference Implementation is rasdaman, available in open-source at http://www.rasdaman.org.

Release of the WCS test suite is in parallel with the release of further test suites for GML, WFS, SPS, and SOS.

Contact: Luis Bermudez, Director of Compliance, lbermudez@…