EarthServer Climate Data Service integrated at the European Space Agency

Bremen, November 2013. The EarthServer Climate Data Service has been successfully integrated at the European Space Agency: a powerful hardware infrastructure consisting of 40CPUs and 120GB RAM hosts the subsystems to handle EO products and model data.

Atmosphere and Climate products collected within the EarthServer project as well as EO products provided by the European Space Agency, are presently accessible through the Multi-sensor Evolution Analysis (MEA) platform. The EarthServer platform runs rasdaman as its enabling analytics engine. The detailed list of EO products and model data is available at

Single Sign On (SSO) technology is used to authenticate and login in to the MEA system.

MEA provides to users the following functionalities:

• Real time data access and visualization (time series display)
• Data comparison (e.g. same variable from different data sources)
• On-the-fly data analysis (extraction of statistical parameters)