rasdaman newsletter 03/2016

rasdaman 9.2 with more performance and functionality

We are proud to announce availability of rasdaman 9.2.1, which represents yet another important increase in performance, functionality, and OGC standards support. The team has worked hard, committing 216 patches in total since v9.1, see the full details.

Major changes:

  • Scalability:
  • Improved storage support, up to exascale datasets on all filesystems
  • Improved performance and reliability for the rasnet protocol; rasnet is now the default communication protocol.
  • Automated balancing of worker processes
  • Ingestion:
  • WCS-T import user interface improvements: WCS extract recipe, ability to resume and retry imports, improved filtering of input files, improved status messages
  • WCS-T import stable recipe API allowing developers to create their own custom recipes for their specific usecases
  • Various WCS-T enhancements
  • Improved transactional handling in the SQLite/Filestorage backend
  • OGC Web Services:
  • Embedded server for OGC Web Services platform - now it can also run as a standalone executable without the need of an external server container like Tomcat
  • Support for PNG as an export format in WCS
  • User Interface:
  • Revamped interface for the WCS Client + various enhancements
  • Miscellaneous:
  • runtime configuration of logging
  • Greatly simplified installation procedure with rasdaman installer, RPM and DEB packages
  • Over 200 fixes for issues reported

There was a lot of work on improving the installation experience of rasdaman, and v9.2.1 now offers a range of download options:

  • From source: we have a brand rasdaman installer script that greatly automates installation.
  • Packages: RPM (CentOS 7) and DEB (Ubuntu Trusty) are available; more distros will be supported soon. If you are updating RPMs, note that the repository has changed; further details on the RPM installation page.
  • Virtual machines: a preconfectioned virtual machine, ready for use.

We hope you will enjoy the improvements and new features this version brings; as always, all feedback is greatly appreciated!

your rasdaman team