rasdaman newsletter 10/2016

rasdaman 9.3 Released

Open-source rasdaman v9.3.0 is now available for download, see rasdaman.org. Important feature additions include:

  • Enhanced NetCDF support
  • GRIB format support
  • Advanced JSON-style format-parameters support in encode/decode
  • WCSTImport supports a general coverage recipe that can be used with complex formats like GRIB or NetCDF
  • WCPS uses a brand new and improved parser and implementation by default
  • CRS reprojection now available in both WCS and WCPS
  • automated download, compilation, and deployment through a brand new installer script

Deployment can be done through one of these options:

  • From source - just run the installer script
  • Packages - RPM (CentOS 7) and DEB (Ubuntu Trusty / Debian 8) are available; more distros will come soon
  • Virtual machines - readily configured with a running rasdaman instance

Full details can be found at rasdaman version 9.3 .