rasdaman newsletter 01/2017

rasdaman joining EARSC

January 2017 - Starting 2017, rasdaman is full member of the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC), a not-for-profit association promoting Earth Observation (EO) technology especially from European companies. Monica Miguel-Lago expressed that EARSC "are delighted to accept your company as new EARSC full Member".

With these activities EARCS fosters development of the European EO geo-information services industry. EARSC is open to full and observer members with an interest in using or providing services delivering information based on observations of the Earth and its environment from any platform; satellite, aircraft or UAV.

"We see high value in joining EARSC and the hitech portfolio aggregated there, it's like meeting with friends", says Peter Baumann, rasdaman CEO. As a key technology provider in Big Earth Data services, rasdaman enables researchers to browse, access, and analyze massive multi-dimensional data sets from a wide range of source. rasdaman is deeply involved in several Earth observation projects, such as the EarthServer initiative, where monitoring the Earth and analyzing EO timeseries data are at the heart. The rasdaman technology allows real-time analytics on 3D and 4D Petabyte cubes for spatio-temporal sensor, image, simulation, and statistics data as well as their intercontinental fusion. This power of data handling can be wrapped into any kind of clients, ranging from direct visual interaction through maps and virtual globes (like OpenLayers and NASA/ESA WebWorldWind) over Web GIS (like QGIS) to high-end analytisc (such as python).