rasdaman newsletter 01/2017

OGC Confirms rasdaman Compliance with Datacube Extension Standards

Mayland/USA, January 2017 - OGC officially confirms that rasdaman has achieved compliance certification on a number of important extensions to the OGC "Big Datacube" standard, Web Coverage Service (WCS).

OGC operates a compliance program which allows implementations of standards to be tested free of cost test through a neutral, verified, suite maintained by OGC (see www.opengeospatial compliance). The purpose is to increase system interoperability while reducing technology risks. Buyers gain confidence that a compliant product will work with another compliant product based on the same OGC standard, regardless of which company developed the product. The rasdaman array analytics engine has passed the WCS test suite for Core and GET/KVP extension already in 2013 and today is official reference implementation in OGC and also INSPIRE. While rasdaman always has been a first implementer of the OGC Big Data standards - and currently offers the most comprehensive support for the WCS suite - now there is official confirmation for the extensions WCS Post, WCS Processing, WCS Scaling, WCS Interpolation, WCS Range Subsetting. By combining the complementary know-how of both partners Big Picture aims at establishing large-scale automated analysis offering individual insights and support for agricultural production in Germany.

These compliance tests have been developed by Fuzhou University in China. "We are very happy about Fuzhou University undertaking the work of establishing such a test suite", says Peter Baumann, WCS suite editor and rasdaman Principal Architect. "This valuable service to the community allows tool providers like us to get an independent compliance confirmation, which of course is worth more than any self assessment".

Work on demonstrating compliance is ongoing: testing rasdaman against the WCS CRS extension is already in an advanced state, and the WCS-T extension is planned to get addressed next.