rasdaman newsletter 08/2017

Rasdaman CEO elected Chair of IEEE Earth Science Informatics Group

Ft Worth, USA, August 2017 - IEEE being a leading organization for IT professionals is continously seeking expertise which ideally combines research and industry. This August, rasdaman CEO Peter Baumann has been elected chair of the Earth Science Informatics Technical Commitee in the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society.

The mission of the Earth Science Informatics Technical Committee (ESI TC) is to advance the application of informatics to the geosciences and remote sensing, to provide a venue for ESI professionals to exchange information and knowledge, and to give technology advice to major national and international ESI initiatives.

As such, it unites over 180 experts from all over the globe. The chair, Peter Baumann, is accompanied by two co-chairs: Prof. Peng Yue from Wuhan University in China and Dr Rahul Ramachandran from NASA, USA.

Election of Peter Baumann as the TC chair goes in line with a special appreciation by IEEE in 2016 when he received the honour of becoming IEEE Senior Member and, more recently, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer.