rasdaman newsletter 07/2019

Amazon and rasdaman Teaming Up in Cloud Research

Seattle, summer 2019 - Amazon has assigned financial and technical support to rasdaman for advanced Earth datacube services in the Amazon cloud via its AWS Cloud Credits program. Particular emphasis will be on securing services and intercontinental federation aspects.

At TechConnect Boston where rasdaman received this year's innovation award, rasdaman CEO Peter Baumann had a strategic meeting with a team of AWS engineers and managers. They were impressed by rasdaman's power and versatility and particularly the federation capabilities, and further talks were initiated. AWS considers rasdaman an outstanding state-of-the-art application for the Earth and is interested in advancing AWS-based Earth datacube services.

The federation capabilities are utilized, among others, in this year's OGC Testbed 15 where rasdaman contributes its unique location-transparent federation for interoperability experiments between USA and Europe. Being highly parallelized (without a single point of failure) rasdaman acts as a distributed federation, within clouds and between data centers; workload-adaptive partitioning with several strategies is offered as a tuning parameter. Alternatively, existing archives can be accessed by just registering instead of copying, so without data duplication. Federations of >2.5 PB have been built this way. Rasdaman understands >100 formats. Single queries have been dispatched over more than 1,000 Amazon cloud nodes.

The AWS Cloud Credits for Research Program is aimed at new projects that seek to build a cloud-hosted service, software, or tools and/or migrate a research process or open data to the cloud. Amazon's Earth data assets the rasdaman view provided by rasdaman will be made available for direct analytics and visualization in a particularly user-friendly and standards-based manner.

More information: Dr. Peter Baumann