rasdaman Ranked Top Open-Source Project

September 2019 - Independent software experts from OpenHub attest rasdaman outstanding quality in comparison with more than half a million further open-source projects. They characterize open-source rasdaman community as mature with a large, active development team, high software quality, and overall high value in commercial terms.

Such performance indicators are increasingly important as, according to OpenHub, today 55% of companies leverage OSS for their production infrastructure. OpenHub, run by Black Duck Software, Inc., USA is a public directory of free and open source software (FOSS) providing quality indicators based on standard software engineering metrics. It continuously monitors a breathtaking 676,791 open-source projects with altogether over 21,000,000,000 lines of open source code. Generally, OpenHub is considered a reasonable measure for open-source project quality.

About rasdaman OpenHub says on the related project page, Openhub.net/rasdaman:

  • large, active development team: This project has a large team with 85 contributors, in the top 10% of all project teams on Open Hub.
  • well established, mature codebase, stable year-over-year commits: The first lines of source code were added to rasdaman in 2009. OpenHub believes that rojects with recent activity, and a code base more than five years old are likely solving vital problems and delivering consistent value, and may be organized to reward sustained effort by an engaged team of contributors. Notably, OpenHub sees open-source rasdaman only since rasdaman GmbH donated the code in 2009, at which time the technology had already seen over 12 years of development. Hence, all OpenHub figures need to be seen as increments over this initial value.
  • estimated value: over 8 million US$, generated through an estimated 150 person years of effort.
  • no vulnerabilities are reported.

In addition to the numerous innovation awards acknowledging the novelty of this software (such as the latest TechConnect? Boston 2019 Innovation Award), the OpenHub valuation represents a clear signal to technology users that rasdaman is not only safe and stable, but actually provides high value for Big Datacube operators.

More information: rasdaman.org