rasdaman newsletter 01/2020

Open-Source Datacubes in OSGeo

This November, open-source rasdaman community has been accepted by OSGeo as a Community Project. OSGeo Community Projects represent geo tools freely available under an open source license, thus promoting the work of teams and organizations world-wide.

“I am personally pleased to see rasdaman join as the OSGeo community program was inspired in part to provide a home for this project”, says OSGeo Incubation Chair Jody Garnett. Recently, the download counter on the rasdaman community website has exceeded 29,000. With its unique datacube engine, rasdaman GmbH is world technology leader in flexible, scalable array analytics. Mission of the German-based hitech company is to enable providers of spatio-temporal sensor, image (timeseries), simulation, and statistics data to offer Big Data in a user-friendly way with highest service quality. “The rasdaman team is proud and humbled to get tied even further into the OSGeo community, following acceptance into OSGeo Live several years ago”, adds Peter Baumann, rasdaman Principal Architect.

The rasdaman datacube engine has received a series of innovation awards, such as recently DIN Innovation Award 2019, TechConnect Innovation World Award 2019, DatSCI Finalist 2019, NITEC Award 2018.

More information: https://www.osgeo.org/projects/rasdaman