rasdaman newsletter 04/2020

German Research Data Platform Adds Datacubes

forschungsdaten.info is the German information platform on research data management (RDM) providing manifold hits on research proposal writing, tools, and best practices. Recently, datacubes have been added to the portfolio recommended to scientists.

Aiming at comprehensive support for researchers, the platform provides valuable hints and background along the life cycle of scientific research projects. This ranges from proposal planning over research data management tools and the day-to-day work with research data to publication and archiving. Among the important aspects addressed are research data sustainability and reusability, as well as rights and obligations in the context of research data. This is complemented by best practise examples and background from varioius research domains illustrating how to enhance use and exploitation of research data.

Datacubes offer a convenient, powerful paradigm for providing a large class of spatio-temporal data in an analysis and visualization ready manner. In Earth, Space, and Life Science, to name but a few, data wrangling becomes more automated and efficient. Efforts can concentrate on the real research work, with interactive data exploration in space and time available on massive data sets. The rasdaman datacube tool featured on forschungsdaten.info additionally supports datacube federation allowing ad-hoc data fusion across data centers. Specifically for Earth datacubes, an international federation is being built up already including Petascale data centres such as CreoDIAS, Mundi, CODE-DE, Alfred-Wegener-Institut, and others. Access is free thanks to the funding by the EU H2020 as well as German national fundings.

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