rasdaman newsletter 10/2020

Mundi DIAS Now With Actionable Datacubes

Mundi now follows the trend towards actionable datacubes offering analytics, visualization, and fusion service in the Mundi marketplace, linked into the EarthServer federation.

Mundi is one of the European DIASs tasked with providing Sentinel satellite data. The Mundi Marketplace comprises a one-stop shop for Earth Observation services on top of Sentinel data and more. On these data, a value-adding service has been set up using rasdaman to offer Mundi data as datacubes on which "any query, any time, on any dimension" can be answered.

Based on the open datacube standards of OGC, ISO, and INSPIRE Mundi datacubes by rasdaman provide flexible, simplified access and analytics on Mundi Sentinel data. A wide spectrum of clients is supported, ranging from simple map navigation (ex: OpenLayers, Leaflet) over Virtual Globes (ex: NASA WorldWind, Microsoft Cesium) and Web GIS (ex: QGIS) to high-end analytics (ex: python, R). Additionally, the OGC datacube analytics language, Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS), is directly available; the forthcoming OGC OAPI-Coverages specification will be supported once stable.

Altogether, datacube analytics is available to experts and non-experts alike, in the comfort zone of their well-known clients. Large and small industry, authorities, and scientists alike enjoy rapid deployment and agile adaptation of rasdaman-based datacube services.

But Mundi is only a part of something larger. Mundi datacubes are seamlessly integrated with other Earth data offerings of satellite image timeseries, climate timeseries, DEMs, and manifold further thematic products. For this purpose, Mundi is part of the EarthServer federation https://earthserver.xyz/, which, based on rasdaman, offers a single, coherent, fully standards-based Earth data information space where users can freely access, analyze, and combine all data assets irrespective of their location.

Link: https://mundiwebservices.com/service/datacube-analytics-and-fusion-by-rasdaman