rasdaman newsletter 01/2021

Pushing the Limits of Datacubes

January 2021 - A preview version of rasdaman 10 has been released. Once more, a major step forward has been accomplished by the team.

Version 10 of rasdaman will be packed with innovation and enhancements; both rasdaman community and enterprise are being advanced substantially. A sneak preview is now available with the 10beta release. Among the load of new features and improvements there is:

  • a completely new query engine with substantially increased performance on modern multi-core architectures, reduced memory usage, enhanced nodata handling with null masks, and more. While rasdaman was already leading in performance, large-scale deployments show another massive speedup.
  • Heterogeneous data can be combined into a single coverage. The huge asset of individual Sentinel-2 scenes, for example, comes in different UTM zones - these now appear as a single, homogeneous Sentinel-2 datacube. During retrieval, all necessary reprojections, scaling and overlaying are done on-the-fly, transparently, and in realtime.
  • A catalog feature enables spatio-temporal searching and filtering of available coverages, both locally and in the federation.
  • Role-Based Access Control allows administrators, through convenient Web tools, to restrict access to datacubes and parts thereof, down to single pixel level. Quota can restrict resource usage on a per-user basis.

For rasdaman community, the usual download from rasdaman.org applies; for customers with an active maintenance contract the rasdaman enterprise release is available on the enterprise download portal.

More details: contact@rasdaman.com