rasdaman newsletter 05/2021

INSPIRE Candidate Good Practice Webinar is Online

A recent INSPIRE Coverage Data and Service webinar hosted by Joint Research Centre introduced "Candidate Good Practice". Now JRC provides the streamed webinar online version for those who missed the event.

The webinar features live presentations and discussions. Participants have the opportunity to meet and interact with Knowledge Providers in the INSPIRE Work Programme.

How can gridded data be efficiently shared and utilized? In the webinar participants get an overview of the relevant concepts and underlying OGC standards on which the good practice is based. The audience receives information on the background of coverage standards as well as gaining an understanding of how this standard structures the data in an interoperable manner.

Another section focuses on doing. The INSPIRE experts demonstrate how to create the necessary INSPIRE metainformation and import a raster data file to WCS. They showed how one can access and process this data as required. A live demo demonstrates how the data ingested above can be accessed and portrayed. The power of WCS pertaining to subsetting as well as the various functionalities offered by WCPS for data transformation and fusion are demoed, showing users how such data can be integrated into their organizational data landscape.

Watch the webinar recording !