The rasdaman technology is available in two variants, as free rasdaman community software and commercially supported rasdaman enterprise. As a decision aid the Feature-Matrix as well as the following criteria may serve:

  • You want to use free-of-cost software, and you are willing to provide your changes and additions back to the community in a "give and take" manner? Community support is just fine for you? Then maybe the rasdaman community version is what you are loo king for.
  • You want to benefit from further features, such as more database system connectors, the geo server suite rasgeo, and the highly effective optimizations enabling unlimited scalability? You do care about maintenance and support? Or your project doesn't allow you to disclose the source code of your changes and additions? If just one of these apply, then we recommend the rasdaman enterprise version.

rasdaman enterprise

This version incorporates and extends rasdaman community, offering decisive advantages with respect to features, performance, and maintenance/support:

Highly effective performance optimization

  • Automatic query reformulation - finds the fastest variant of the query submitted
  • Just-in-time compilation of query fragments - achieves practically the speed of a hand-coded server
  • Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) support for ultimate performance experience
  • Tile caching for ultra-fast access to frequently requested data

Both simple and complex queries are boosted significantly, often by several orders of magnitude, as has been proven in scientific performance evaluations.

Unlimited scalability

  • Parallel server cluster with automatic query distribution
  • Realtime data compression for minimizing storage space and network transfer times
  • Unlimited data volumes through transparent nearline tape archive integration

Connectors for further database systems and file-based storage option

The rasdaman enterprise version supports - in addition to the rasdaman community supporte d PostgreSQL connector - the following choices for storing raster data: MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, and file based.

Web-based server administration

rasgeo geo server suite

The rasgeo suite transforms rasdaman into a one-of-a-kind geo raster server. The OGC WMS interface allows to handle all raster types - such as ortho images, elevation/bathymetry models, thematic raster maps - through a server add-on plus a configurable client.

This is available in addition to petascope, the freely available OGC WCS, WCPS, and WCS-T service interfaces implementing the most recent version of each standard.


For operational services maintenance is a must. The rasdaman enterprise maintenance package encompasses timely patches, updates, upgrades, and the support described be low.


Our competent support team is recruited from the rasdaman developers. This ensures you the best possible expertise.

All in all, rasdaman enterprise comprises the "most comprehensive" raster server available, as has been stated as the res ult of a comparison reported at the ACM PoDS (Principles of Database Systems) 2007 conference.